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Company set-up, formation and domiciliation

Setting up a new company requires a lot of specialist expertise. HBM Group will provide you with all necessary assistance and coordination at every stage in connection with your business advisors.

HBM Group’s services include:

  • Entity name availability verification
  • Legal entities formation
  • Providing registered office facilities
  • Providing registered agents
  • Providing local representatives

International corporate structuring

Multinational clients require the flexibility to structure their cross-border investments, while private clients may look for solutions in the area of asset protection and estate planning. HBM Group assists you and your business advisor with establishing, organizing and managing group structures in the most efficient way.

HBM Group’s services include:

  • Coordination of legal and tax advice
  • Implementation of legal and tax advice
  • Estate planning

Directorships, Trustee services and Nominee shareholder services

HBM Group can act as local director or trustee for your legal entities. In designated jurisdictions we also provide Nominee Shareholder Services for our clients’ convenience.

HBM Group’s services include:

  • Acting as registered local corporate or individual director
  • Coordination and supervision of trust formation
  • Trusteeship and related services
  • Discretionary management of assets
  • Administration of trust funds
  • Acting as nominee shareholder for legal entities

Accounting and corporate secretarial services

Up to date accounting is a prerequisite to enable adequate managerial decisions. Whether it is required by a director to comply with local law and regulations or if desired by shareholders and/or managers for day-to-day decision-making, HBM Group can take care of all corporate secretarial services and accounting and reporting needs.

HBM Group’s services include:

  • Accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting and consolidation
  • Assistance with financial audit and internal control
  • VAT registration and administration
  • Payroll services
  • Bank account management
  • Accounting for a trust or foundation
  • IFRS & GAAP reporting
  • Arranging and attending board meetings
  • Filing all statutory returns
  • Notify local authorities of changes to company Director or Officers
  • Manage statutory registers and company books

Opening and operating of corporate bank accounts

In the current global economy that we live in, it appears more and more challenging to establish long lasting banking relationships for internationally trading corporate clients. HBM Group has outstanding relationships with renowned corporate banks all over the world. Together with our clients we look for and establish to most suitable banking relationship.


Substance services such as office facility services and co-location solutions

As part of corporate structuring creating actual substance has become a critical issue for internationally trading companies. Especially given current international sentiment it is essential to remain compliant while ensuring efficiency across your operations.

HBM Group’s services include:

  • Dedicated furnished and furbished office facilities
  • ICT services like co−location solutions, dedicated or shared servers, e−mail hosting
  • Corporate Office Facilities like meeting facilities, advanced telecommunications, computers, security, utilities, and courier services

Fund services such as setting up, administration and directorship

Investing in funds is a smart way to generate a high return from your investment. HBM Group provides the investor with the assurance of an accurate and efficient funds administrative service.

HBM Group’s services include:

  • Corporate and legal service
  • Fund accounting and Net Asset Value Calculations
  • Investor relations services
  • Anti-Money laundering compliance
  • Director services
  • Other ad-hoc services such as tax reporting and financial statement preparation