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HBM Group, established in 1991, headquartered in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean, is the leading independent international financial service provider.

As a professional, client-oriented, family owned group of service companies, HBM Group is focused on delivering comprehensive international company solutions. We assist in the formation and management of companies, foundations, trusts, and other legal entities for international businesses and individuals, ensuring compliance with local and international rules and legislation.

HBM Group is dedicated to providing a complete range of services and solutions to meet and exceed the demands of our clients in an ever-changing global market.


We are the preferred international business partner providing valuable and entrusted management services.

Mission statement

We are your personal global sparring partner in business. We go the extra mile. We stand for excellence in our solutions, deliver tailor-made services based on family values, and do so with integrity and dependability.
We transform your international business opportunities into successfully managed sustainable enterprises.



handelskade curacao international company solutions

HBM Group, a highly entrusted and sophisticated financial service provider, was founded by Herman J. Behr in 1991 in Curaçao Dutch Caribbean. The company was started with the intention of providing the highest level of personal service to a select group of high net worth individuals and innovating entrepreneurs. Today, the team of professionals at HBM group is still building on this tradition of excellence.

Herman J. Behr, the founder and majority shareholder, formed part of the management team at Pierson Heldring & Pierson’s Trust (a leading company in its field, presently forming part of Fortis) prior to establishing HBM Group. With this acquired experience and his dedication, Herman J. Behr built a successful company that is now present in multiple jurisdictions all over the world.

Herman J. Behr currently holds a number of positions in Professional and Community Organizations. He has holds a positions as Chairman of the Board of the Curaçao International Financial Services Association (CIFA), and still is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the University of the Netherlands Antilles (UNA); Member of the International Bankers Association of the Netherlands Antilles (IBNA), the association of internationally operating banks in the Netherlands Antilles and Board Member of Fundashon Pro Kolaborativo, foundation to fund and promote tripartite dialogue among social partners and government of Curaçao.

In 2001, Herman J. Behr was joined by his son Raoul Behr. After being part of the Amsterdam team, Raoul joined the team in Curaçao Netherlands Antilles. With the addition of Raoul and his young staff of professionals, the continuity of HBM Group is secure.

HBM Group achieved the right balance early on in its existence, HBM group enjoyed successful growth throughout its initial years. Simultaneous to the establishment of the Curaçao office, offices were established in the British Virgin Islands and Aruba. Today, HBM group has expanded into a family of companies specialized in establishing and managing companies, administrative and accounting support, and ICT services and office facilities. Additionally, through its business units e−Management in Curaçao and Malta, New Haven e−Zone colocation, HBM Fund Services, VAT-EX and ICT services in Curaçao, HBM Group is a leader in providing turn−key e−commerce and international trade solutions.

HBM Group practices its services within the boundaries of ethics, compliance, and integrity. With offices all over the world, HBM Group offers you entrusted management.